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الأربعاء، 2 أكتوبر 2019

top 5 lead generation services for real estate

 top 5 lead generation services for real estate  

Real estate is a cut throat business. With over a million active real estate licenses in the US, agents need every advantage they can get when it comes to lead generation.
A great real estate lead generation company will fill up your funnel with lots of buyer and seller leads so you can focus more on finding them the perfect property and less on finding yourself new clients.
The only problem is figuring out which lead generation company is right for your business without breaking the bank.
In order to get you started, we’ve done a deep dive into the top five real estate lead generation companies; take a look below and let us help you decide the best option for you.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies For 2019.

Best Lead Generation Company For Buyer Leads: Zillow Premier Agent

With more than 36 million unique monthly visitors, Zillow totally dominates the online real estate world. In fact, there’s a 99% chance your potential client will be on Zillow at some point during their search. Zillow has created a searchable, saveable, and easily navigable database of just about every home for sale in North America. Because of this, home buyers of all varieties flock to this website, making it the perfect place to pick up buyer leads. 

How Does Zillow Premier Agent Work?

Zillow Premier Agent offers real estate agents the opportunity to market to potential buyers as they’re viewing property listings in a particular geographic area. Zillow Premier Agents who are marketing in a particular zip code are displayed right along with the property information, making it easy for a buyer to select an agent and request more information about a property or schedule a showing.

If you’d like a much deeper dive into the inner workings of Zillow Premier Agent, check out our comprehensive review, “Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth The Cost?”

How Much Does Zillow Premier Agent Cost?

Pricing for Zillow Premier Agent depends on two factors: median sale price of homes in the zip code you want to market in, and the number of other agents competing for space in that zip code. On average, a minimum budget of $250 per month is required to start seeing any sort of positive results.

Our Favorite Feature of Zillow Premier Agent: The New Live Connections Program 

Starting at the end of 2018, Zillow Premier Agent began rolling out a new program called Live Connections that’s really improving the quality of leads. Historically, one of the major complaints that agents have about the leads they get from Zillow is that some of them are so top of the funnel, they are very challenging to convert.
Zillow is addressing this problem by essentially offering lead screening and then connecting Premier Agents with qualified leads who are ready to buy or sell directly over the phone. Here’s how it works:
When someone makes an inquiry on Zillow, they’re then contacted by a Zillow Premier Agent representative who verifies that this person is indeed looking for information about buying or selling a home, and is not currently working with another agent. After doing so, the Zillow Premier rep contacts you directly and asks if you can speak to the lead, and this starts the connection.
Yes, this is going to lower the number of total leads you receive, but it’s going to increase the quality of those leads greatly.
This program isn’t available nationwide just yet, but it’s being rolled out to more cities every month.

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