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السبت، 21 ديسمبر 2019

talent acquisition vs recruitment - what's the difference?

I am pretty sure after reading the title you must be wondering how do chatbots work for talent acquisition
Why you need them and is it worth it 🤔
Well, the answer to your questions and concerns is simple, chatbots make your hiring procedures much easier and faster!
But why chatbots?
❌Think about all the potential qualified candidates waiting for your response on email
❌Losing highly profitable future resources to your competitor
❌Spending thousands on advertisements and not getting a single relevant profile
✔️And now think about a chatbot getting the right candidates to you,
✔️taking care of all the resumes received and finding the best possible ones that fit the profile.
✔️That too, in your budget!
So are you ready to learn how you can use a chatbot to improve your talent acquisition as well as pre-screen the profiles?
Tell us which industry you belong to so we can create more content, specific to your industry

Then let’s get right to the real stuff

What you will be learning today:

I will demonstrate how to create a Facebook chatbot that gathers resumes and filters out the relevant ones.
Why facebook?
Well, 67% of the applicants you are looking for, use Facebook to search for job openings today.
But the million-dollar question is, how to get relevant profiles?
Since hiring the right candidate requires two crucial steps:
A. Finding people who will be interested in the position
B. Deciding whether or not the person is eligible for the position
And that is exactly what I am going to show you - one step at a time!

Phase 1: Talent Acquisition

First and foremost, I need to get applicants... But how?
There are several ways to reach out to potential applicants on Facebook, but it can be a little dainty to decide where to begin.
The best way to solve this puzzle is to start off with the easiest ways and keep the tricky ones for later
And the easiest way to reach out to the Facebook audience is through sponsored posts.
It's easy, it's fast and its result-driven!
Now here’s the deal
In order to get the maximum reach, you must create a custom audience 😕

If you target the right audience, you can get the relevant profiles with very little spending on paid ads.
For example, if I want to reach out to people in New Jersey, I will limit my demographics to reach to this region only.
However this won’t get tailored results either,
There is still room for narrowing the audience down further.
So the next step is to target the educational background so that the ad will be displayed to people with a relevant career path.
But that’s not it!
A qualified data scientist from New Jersey won't be interested in this job opening
I need to target certain job titles, experiences to specify this job post furthermore.
Once done, setup a budget and schedule for your boosted post and you’re good to go!
Facebook jobs are simple and fast but managing the information received can be a hassle
Not everyone will be providing accurate information,
Not everyone will be responded on time,
And every submission received, will require a manual screening; which, itself, is a tough job.
Although I am not denying the results achieved from this type of sponsored posts, letting a chatbot take care of the entire process will be a relief 😇

So, let's create an “Employment” ad campaign with all the necessary details given to get a maximum number of reach.

Keeping in mind that the goal is to convert the audience to messenger chatbot.
Now moving onto the campaign ad set.
You can decide the budget as you like and customize your audience, ad placement and more necessary details for this ad set.

The estimate daily result will help you get an idea of what you should expect from spending your set amount on this very ad.
And if you want to get a better idea of your reach and potential results you will generate from the ad, you can limit the cost!
This way Facebook will determine the cost of each possible candidate that you might get a hold on through this campaign.
I suggest limiting cost per bid if you are running multiple ad campaigns and/or you’re on a budget.

Another important option I would like to talk about is the accelerated delivery type.
This helps your ad campaign get maximum reach in minimum time.
Meaning, you will be getting more than your estimated daily reach through it - which technically means your ad may not run as long as you have scheduled it to.
However, your budget will not exceed while doing so.
This is ideal for situations when you require urgent hiring but also want to run the ad for a few days, in case the applications received are not compatible enough.

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